‘RPA 101’: Why RPA is better than traditional automation?

‘RPA 101’: Why RPA is better than traditional automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an effective way to streamline business processes by automating some of day-to-day tasks with data that take too much of your employees time.

People who start learning about RPA sometimes confuse it with traditional automation, a decades-old technology. However, RPA, which is also called digital workforce, has several characteristics that divide it from traditional automation.

Why RPA is better suited for modern world than traditional automation

  • It is non-invasive. Generally, RPA bots stay in the front-end of the system and move forward with the task, without any IT infrastructure changes while traditional automation requires additional system updates.
  • RPA swiftly starts working due to its ability to mimic agent’s actions.
  • RPA doesn’t require application integration, unlike traditional automation.
  • RPA is better suited for more personalized engagements — or any task that requires access to multiple applications. Traditional automation can’t be that flexible and every move has to be programmed.
  • RPA can be implemented in a couple of weeks, while traditional automation takes months.
  • RPA is easily scalable.
  • RPA is easy for non-technical people to use — almost any employee from any department (Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, etc.) can be trained to operate RPA bots.

For instance, ElectroNeek is focused on the needs of IT professionals, so even junior IT folks can use it to build powerful automations in days. A single automated process with ElectroNeek can generate $100k-$250k in business impact due to significant time savings on the execution of repetitive tasks (bots work 10-100x faster than employees) and taking the human out of the loop. Unlike all other Robotic Process Automation vendors, we let customers automate as many processes as they want and run them concurrently, driving scaling costs to $0 (other vendors will charge for each procedure you automate and run simultaneously).

To learn more about the use of ElectroNeek RPA in your workplace, reach out to our automation experts.

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