‘RPA 101’: What is Orchestrator?

‘RPA 101’: What is Orchestrator?

According to the HfS Research with KPMG, State of Intelligent Automation, conducted in 2018, only 13 percent of respondents have managed to scale Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in their companies, and only 3 percent have achieved substantial scale (Deloitte, 2018). Orchestration allows enterprisers to scale RPA much more successfully via managing all the attended and unattended bots from one place.

Schedule and launch bots on desktop and virtual machines, build sequences, control status, and analyze the results with ElectroNeek Orchestrator. 

Why you need Orchestrator

  • One tool to administer all your automated processes with attended and unattended server bots 
  • It unlocks synergies between automated processes across enterprise so a business can save even more
  • More straightforward to scale RPA within the company.

Run your bots outside the DevTool. We took into consideration all your requests, and now you have an account to manage all your bots. Log in to the ElectroNeek and schedule bots anytime.

To learn more about the use of Orchestrator, reach out to our automation experts.

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